What flowers are best for bees?

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What are the best flowers for your garden?

Below are lists of reccomended flowers based on seasons that will nourish the bees in your garden. The flowers you use should be native to the region and have not been treated or are a hybridized variety of a plant. It is necessary to not use ANY sort of insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides, even if they are organic because they can be toxic for bees. When selecting which flowers you would like to include in your garden, please do more research on them.


Best flowers for spring:

  • Crocus
    • Depending on the variety, they can bloom in very early spring (January) to late autumn.
  • Borage
    • These bloom in late spring through summer.
  • Pansies
    • These bloom in spring and in autumn depending on the type.
  • Snowdrops
    • These are bulbs that bloom in early spring.
  • Common Hawthorn
    • These flowers bloom in late spring.
  • Peony
    • These flowers bloom throughout spring.
  • Crocus


    Common Hawthorn








    Best flowers for summer:

    • Milkweed
      • These flowers bloom in early summer and are best for the bigger garden designs.
    • Hosta
      • These bloom in late summer through to autumn.
    • Cosmos
      • Cosmos bloom in early summer and are best suited to the bigger gardens.
    • Bee balm
      • These flowers come in many different colours and bloom from early to late summer.
    • Marigolds
      • Depending on which variety you chose, they can bloom from early summer to late summer.
    • Lavender
      • These purple flowers bloom from early to late summer
    • Goldenrod
      • These flowers bloom from late summer to early autumn

    Bee Balm









    Best flowers for autumn:

    • Sedum
      • These flowers bloom from early to late autumn
    • Zinnia
      • Zinnia blooms in late summer
    • Oregano
      • The flowers on this herb bloom in late summmer/ autumn
    • Liatris
      • Blooms early autumn
    • Sage
      • This herb blooms in spring, summer and autumn, making it an almost all-year round plant.
    • Pansies
      • These flowers have many varieties, some of them bloom in late autumn or early spring.