As my personal project

Welcome to Urban Bees!

Creating Gardens To Sustain Bees In Cities


What am I doing for this project?

For this project, my aim is to create 3 designs of spaces for planting flowers.One will be for a very small balcony, another will be for an average balcony, and the last one will be for a large space such as a terrace. I will be making one of these designs, the 2nd one, to be displayed as my product alongside this website. The website is the 2nd part of my project, it contains all my research and guidance for flowers you can plant in your garden.

What will my product include?

My product will include space for planting your flowers, a bee home for solitary bees, and a "bee bath" which supplies them with water. Bees need water for digestion, to dilute honey, cool down their hive, and feed their larvae. For the bee bath, it will be a shallow dish with stones, when water is added, it should not fully submerge the stones as this will be where they will sit to drink. The bee home if for the species of solitary bees to create their home and lay eggs to produce more bees. The homes and the garden will have nice simple designs on them. The other part of my product is this website, which will have infomation that I have researched on things such as flowers that are best for bees and why bees are important.

The link to my process journal: